Board Meetings 2014


Board Meeting 11.Jan.2014

Saturday, January 11, 2014 at 7:00 PM

Board Meeting

Present: Board Members – Tom Sullivan, Karol Kulakowski, Boris Todorov, Allen

Kressman, Matt Lengeranli, and Irv Yeagle.

Tom opened the meeting at 7:00 PM.

 Board Meeting Minutes – The Board approved the minutes from the

December 9, 2013, Board Meeting.

 Plumbing – Plumbing has become a problem requiring a contractor to come in

to clear plumbing. Nick will be advised to set up a schedule for preventative

maintenance. We will be looking into purchasing a sewer camera and will

address this at the next meeting.

 Overtime and Payroll – In an effort to reduce payroll costs the Board has

instructed that all overtime must have approval by the Treasurer, President or

Vice President of the Board.

 Snow Removal – We spent over $4,000 in snow removal to date. Nick, Charlie

and the volunteers did a great job cleaning the snow.

 Contracts – All contracts must be signed by a Board Member at a Board


Seven Day Coverage – As of today the Board has implemented that the

Condominium will have seven day employee coverage. Charlie will cover

Saturdays and Sundays.

 Property Manager – The Board has decided, based on employee performance,

to promote Kathy to the position of Property Manager.

The meeting was adjourned 8:45 PM. Karol 1st

– Matt 2nd


Board Meeting 11.February.2014

Tuesday, February 11, 2014, at 7:00 PM

Board Meeting

Present: Board Members – Tom Sullivan, Karol Kulakowski, Boris Todorov, Allen

Kressman, Matt Lengeranli, and Sheri D’Ottavio also Nick DeCarlo, Superintendent and

Kathy Kosher, Property Manager.

Tom opened the meeting at 7:00 PM. He said he would follow the Agenda and after

that we will be open for discussion.


 Electric Boxes – We have quotes and fund available to begin in April and

complete this project. All contractors recommended that the temperature be at

least 40º before starting this project.

 Concrete Paving – Paving has been completed except for one walkway on Burk

Avenue. Nick is in touch with the contractor to correct this.

 Mansards – This project has not been abandoned. As stated in prior meetings,

this will be revisited in the Spring.


 Pool Resurfacing – To correct the issue of poor water quality, the pool contractor

has recommended pool resurfacing. This will involve sandblasting off all old

paint and resurfacing with a special coating. The paint on the pool now does not

conform to current standards. We have quotes ranging from $17,000 to $35,000

and we will continue to seek bids.

 Snow Removal – Tom indicated we have spent $7,900 to date for snow removal

(including ice melt). Most members were very pleased with the job being done.

 Insurance – Both Flood and Property insurances will be up for renewal in March

and April. We are shopping the Property Insurance with other agents. Quotes

will not be available for 30 to 45 days prior to renewal. It was brought up that

the Board should be careful when reviewing quotes to ensure coverage is the

same and not just look at the lowest price. The Flood Policy is regulated through

FEMA and at the current time we are looking at an approximate 13% increase.

 Beautification Committee – Anyone interested can still sign up with Boris or the


 A member indicated that a condo should have some kind of conformity but with

our complex everything looks different. Another member indicated the grounds

were starting to look bad with shopping carts, dog droppings, trash, etc.

Another member indicated she felt our landscaper was not up to par. It was

indicated we need to enforce the By-Laws and get tougher with fining. It was

suggested the Rules and Regulations be distributed to all new owners. Tom

indicated the Beautification Committee needs to list items to be addressed and to

present suggestions on how to correct problems.

 Members noted to the Board there is a problem with Ventnor City not street

sweeping Dorset Avenue. One member indicated she had attempted calling the

City Works and Police Department to no avail. Tom suggested members should

attend a town hall meeting to voice complaints.

 A member noted the By-Laws were originally written as a generic condo doc and

were not specific to Waterview and should be overhauled.

 A member questioned what was being done regarding delinquent condo fees.

Tom explained we have met with a new attorney and also our current attorney

and they have advised us on ways we can get more aggressive with collections.

 Dogs and dog droppings continue to be an issue. A suggestion was made that

since our By-Laws state that pets are not allowed, we should grandfather in the

existing pets and no longer allow new pets.

 A couple of members requested a more detailed Budget and that this information

be posted on line. Tom agreed and we will start providing this information.

 A few members are very concerned about illegal use of our dumpsters by non-
residents (including outside contractors). Nick advised in order to help correct

this problem, residents of Waterview observing this infraction should get the

date, time and description of the vehicle including the license plate and file a

Theft of Services with Ventnor City.

 One member questioned whether or not there would be a raise in the condo fee

or an assessment. Tom advised there was nothing at this time.

Meeting adjourned at 7:53 PM. Tom 1st

– Karol 2nd.


Board Meeting 11.March.2014

Tuesday, March 11, 2014, at 4:30 PM

Board Meeting

Present: Tom Sullivan, Karol Kulakowski, Boris Todorov, Allen Kressman, Matt

Lengeranli, Sheri D’Ottavio and Kathy Kosher, Management Office.

Tom opened the meeting.

• Flood, Property, General Liability Insurances – The Board agreed the Condo should

raise the deductibles on the Flood Insurance to $10,000 per building. This will

save approximately $10,000 per year. The Condo will change agents for Flood

and General Liability to Siracusa-Kaufman Insurance Agency. However, the

Property Insurance will remain with Global Risk. It was suggested that Kim

Argus of Siracusa-Kaufman become our consultant for this. However, Allen

suggested we contact our attorney prior to making this agreement.

• Electrical Meter Bank – Vendor Selection – The Board reviewed the bids on hand

and decided to take the bid by Sansom Electric for 5 meter boxes. It was then

presented that one additional vendor had not bid. The Board agreed that the

vendor would have until the close of business Friday, March 14, 2014, to submit

his bid for review.

• Pool Resurfacing – Vendor Selection – The Board reviewed all the bids from the

vendors and voted to accept Sparkling Pools with white resurfacing.

• Employee Health Coverage – A new plan had to be chosen due to the Affordable

Health Care Act. The Board accepted a plan which would only increase the

premium by 3.4%. Deductibles and copays will be higher for employees. The

employee contribution will remain the same.

• Legal – Reviewed all delinquent accounts. One delinquent account has been

referred to our new contingency attorney, William A. Thompson, III.

• By-Law Violations – There have been numerous complaints regarding sheds,

satellite dishes, dogs, etc. We have asked all members for ideas and solutions

for our next meeting. The Board requested Kathy to contact our attorney

regarding addendums to the By-Laws.

• Website – The Board instructed Kathy to contact our attorney regarding

ownership and policy for this website.

• LED Lighting Replacement – Karol proposed replacing 80 flood lights on the

corners of the buildings with LED bulbs. This should save approximately 60% of

our $10,000 costs. The Board approved.

• Trees and/or Shrubs in Burk Court and Marshall/Surrey Court – The Board approved

adding trees and/or shrubs to these areas to deter ball playing and vehicles

parking on the grass. This will be done in-house.

• Violations to Rules & Regulations – The Board indicated the violations of our Rules

& Regulations have drastically increased. Therefore, our policies will change

to: First offense – written warning. Second Offense – $25.00 fine which must

be paid within 10 days or privileges will be revoked. Third Offense – fines and

privileges revoked. Parking violations also are an issue. All members were

asked for ideas and suggestions for the next meeting.

• Replacement of Board Officer – Tom Sullivan was removed as President and Allen

Kressman was elected President to finish his term.

Meeting adjourned – 1st

by Allen / 2nd by Matt.


Board Meeting 17.April.2014

Board Meeting

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Present: Karol Kulakowski, Boris Todorov, Allen Kressman, and Matt Lengeranli.

Allen opened the meeting.

 Transfer of Funds – The Board approved moving $55,000 from the Reserve
account to the Operating account. This will provide funds for the property
insurance, gas and water bills. This is a loan which will be paid back from the
Operating account in 24 months (approximately $2,250 a month), interest free.

 Sheds – No new sheds will be allowed. Any existing sheds will need to be
removed within 3 years – January 1, 2017.

 Pool – The Board agreed to use salt water for the 2014 season.

 Electric Meter Banks – All equipment will be ordered and stored at Waterview Condominium.

Meeting adjourned – Allen 1st. Boris 2nd

Board Meeting 2.July.2014

Wednesday, July 2, 2014 at 7:00 PM

Present: Allen Kressman, Karol Kulakowski, Boris Todorov, and Matt Lengeranli.

Allen opened the meeting at 7:00 PM.

• Legal Files – The Board will meet with Eric Mann before transferring all legal

files to Bill Thompson. The Board is unhappy with Eric Mann’s charges.

• Reserve Account Loan – The $55,000 loan from the Reserve Account has

been repaid and the monies deposited back into the Reserve Account.

• HVAC – The Board wants to control the work being done by the HVAC

contractor. Before any work is done Nick needs to report to a Board Member

for approval. Nick and/or Charlie will take pictures of all condensers on the roof.

This will be completed by July 2014. All old HVAC units will be disposed of only

by Charlie.

• Maintenance Schedule – A weekly maintenance work schedule will be posted

in the Maintenance Shop.

• 2015 Holiday Schedule – The Board will be reviewing the employee holiday

schedule for 2015.

• HVAC Training – The Board has approved sending Nick for his HVAC license.

• Electric Meter Banks – Costas Electric will be continuing work on the

remaining electrical meter banks, weather permitting.

• Gas – Nick and Kathy are gathering information about locking in gas prices. The

Board has approved locking in gas pricing with the first reasonable low price.

• Community Room – The Community Room has had water damages to the

ceiling. This will be repaired ASAP.

• Landscaper – The Board and the Office have received complaints about the

landscaper’s work. Kathy and Nick have notified him of the complaints.

• Property Maintenance – The Board also has received many complaints about

the property not being kept clean. The Board will advise employees of these

complaints to make sure the property is properly maintained. In addition,

another employee has been hired just to pick up trash around the property,

clean around the dumpster areas, and around the parking areas.

The meeting adjourned.

Board Meeting 2.Sep.2014

Tuesday, September 2, 2014, at 7:00 PM

Board Meeting

Present: Allen Kressman, Karol Kulakowski, Boris Todorov, Matt Lengeranli and

Tom Sullivan. Nick DeCarlo, Superintendent and Kathy Kosher,

Management Office

Before opening the meeting Allen Kressman wanted to thank Ray Antonelli, Maryann

Tully, Karol Kulakowski, Boris Todorov, and all residents for making the Labor Day Pool

Party a big success.

Allen opened the meeting at 7:00 PM.

• Allen Kressman reviewed the budget and balances in accounts. Allen thanked

both Lee Antonelli and Tom Sullivan previous Board Presidents for leading the

Association to a path of fiscal responsibility.

• The Reserve loan of $55,000 has been repaid.

• 4 long term account delinquencies will be cleared by the end of September. 8

units in legal. Waterview has received legal approval for a Rent Receivership for

one legal unit. This unit is ready for rent.

• All but 3 of the electrical meter banks have been replaced. The remainder

should be completed by the end of September. Residents were happy with the

speed in which the new electrician (Costas) has completed the work.

• To avoid another drastic price increase in gas this winter, the Board locked in the

gas prices.

• New parking hang tags will go into effect on October 1, 2014. Please make sure

you pick up your new passes at the Management Office.

• There are 2 new employees in maintenance — Pedro Gonzalez and George

Termini. Their pictures have been posted on the bulletin board.

• Any work done on common areas must first be approved by the Board.

Allen then opened the meeting for discussion. Following are various items that were

discussed and will be reviewed at the next Board Meeting:

• Raising Electric Meter Banks to avoid damage in case of a storm.

• Keeping the pool open for additional time. Board and residents agreed that this

would too expensive.

• Painting the mansards.

Page 2

• The Board was congratulated for the work they had been doing and for keeping

prices down. Residents applauded. Also. The Board was congratulated for the

2014 pool season and residents were happy with salt water pool.

• By-Laws reviewed and updated. Including increasing the amount of the fines.

• Current Certificates of Occupancy (CO’s) should be on file at the office for all

units. In addition some units have added partitions to increase the bedroom size

and it was felt those units should pay a condo fee for the additional bedroom

size. Also, it was stated that some units have more residents than allowed by

Ventnor City occupancy regulations. One resident indicated this is a fire hazard

and the Fire Department should be called.

• Illegal use of our dumpsters by other than Waterview residents.

• Budgeting for next year and will there be an increase of condo fees. Allen

Kressman advised that at the current time no increase was planned and that the

Board would look into painting the mansards.

• Gas being separated to individual meters. Allen Kressman explained that the

Board was looking into this for costs, etc. but that this would need a vote by the


• Legal fees incurred by the Association as a result of a resident. Allen explained

those fees would be charged back to the unit owner.

• Board Members not showing up to meetings and whether or not this is a cause

for removal.

• All Board Meetings should be posted and all owners are allowed to attend even

though they are not allowed input.

Meeting adjourned 8:00 PM. Allen Kressman 1st

. Karol Kulakowski 2nd

Board Meeting 6.Sep.2014

Saturday, September 6, 2014, at 10:00 AM

Board Meeting

Present: Allen Kressman, Karol Kulakowski, Boris Todorov, Matt Lengeranli and

Kamil Staszewski.

Allen opened the meeting at 10:00 AM.

 Parking Lines – repainting of the parking lot lines will be completed by October

15, 2014.

 Fitness Room – The Board agreed to establish a Fitness Room which will help

in increasing the value of the property. In addition this will give our

Condominium more prestige. Nick will begin this project immediately and it will

be announced when it will be open.

 Pool Passes – No pool passes will be issued for 2015 without a current

Certificate of Occupancy (C.O.).

 Office Remodeling – The Board approved remodeling the Management Office

to be completed during the winter months.

 LED Projector Lighting – 10 lights will be replaced with LED projector lights by

October 15, 2014. This will help to significantly save on our electric costs.

 Mansards – The Board is looking into hiring someone to begin work on the

mansard project.

 Board Meeting of 12/2/14 – The Board has invited Leslie Cohen of South

Jersey Gas to speak to our residents regarding installing individual gas meters.

 Dogs – The Management Office will be diligently addressing pet violations

including fines and mediation.

 Sheds – As of April 17, 2014, the Board announced a moratorium on any new

sheds. The Board has now approved that sheds in existence as of April 17,

2014. Only one shed per unit. Any new sheds MUST

have written approval from the Board prior to installation. Any new sheds must

meet requirements. These requirements are available at the Management

The meeting was adjourned at Noon. Karol 1st. Boris 2nd.

Board Meeting 2.Nov.2014

Sunday, November 2, 2014, at 12:00 Noon

Board Meeting

Present: Allen Kressman, Karol Kulakowski, Boris Todorov, Matt Lengeranli and

Kamil Staszewski.

Allen opened the meeting at 12:00 Noon.

• Electric Meter Bank Replacement – The Board is pleased to announce that

this long-term project started by previous Boards has been completed.

• Landscaping – The Management and the Board have been receiving numerous

complaints regarding the quality of the landscaping. Since the landscaper

is under contract, the Board will contact our attorney regarding this matter,

including the possibility of terminating the contract.

• Fitness Center – Fitness center is about to have the Grand Opening. The

hours of operation will be 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM – seven days a week. The charge

will be $50.00 per person / per year which will help to cover expenses. Please

come to the Management Office for Rules and Regulations and to sign up.

• Parking Lot Lines – The Maintenance staff has repainted the lines on all of our

lots. In addition, The Board was able to add 4 additional parking spots in the

Dudley and Burk Court lot.

• Mansards – The Maintenance Staff will immediately begin preparing and

painting. The Board has approved additional Maintenance staff for this project.

• Management Office – The Management Office has been remodeled and


• Pet Waste Disposal Stations – The Board has approved removing all stations

since they do not seem to alleviate the problem and the cost is prohibitive.

• Dumpsters – The Board is looking into repositioning the dumpsters in the near

future to alleviate heavy trucks damaging the parking areas.

• Satellite Dishes – All satellite dishes must be installed on the roof with a non-
penetrating mount platform. Letters have been sent advising those with dishes

not located on the roof that they must be removed.

• LED Lighting – Most of the courts lighting has been replaced with LED (high

efficiency bulbs) which will save up to 60% on the electricity used for lighting

common areas.

• Pool Gate – The Board is looking for a new gate and access system for the

pool area. Any ideas would be appreciated. You can send them via email to

• 2015 Budgets – The Board is in the process of finalizing the 2015 Budget. The

finalized budget will be announced at the December 2, 2014, Board Meeting.

Don’t forget to attend.

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• Gas Meters – There will be a guest from South Jersey Gas at the Board Meeting

of December 2, 2014. She will be speaking on the benefits of separating the gas

meter to individual gas meters. Everyone is encouraged to attend.

Meeting adjourned – Allen 1st

and Boris 2nd.

Board Meeting 2.dec.2014

Tuesday, December 2, 2014, at 7:00 PM

Board Meeting

Present: Board Members – Allen Kressman, Boris Todorov, and Matt Lengeranli.

Management Office – Kathy Kosher. Guest Speaker – Leslie Cohen,

South Jersey Gas.

Allen opened the meeting at 7:05 PM.

• Allen Kressman introduced Leslie Cohen of South Jersey Gas who would be

speaking on gas meter separation. Ms. Cohen advised all individual gas metering

could be done by South Jersey Gas at no cost. She provided an information

sheet regarding monthly gas costs. (Copy attached). At the end of the

presentation, Allen Kressman, advised the members that there still would be

a charge to run pipe from each unit to the new meters. The cost would be

approximately $600 to $700 per unit. Separating the meters could result in

reducing the condo fee by approximately 10 to 20%.

To do this 51% of the members would have to approve in order to change the

By-Laws and to begin this project. A mailer will be going out in the next 10 days

with this voting package.

One owner expressed that the only way she would accept this is if members

could also get their own HVAC high-efficiency equipment which would help lower

utility bills. This owner also expressed the high cost of HVAC repairs. Allen

Kressman advised that the condo has been able to reduce the HVAC expenses

and that the Board has locked in the gas rate. In addition, Nick DeCarlo,

Superintendent, is taking HVAC classes to be able to better service HVAC and

lessen our dependence on contractors.

The President also advised that the Condominium would still be responsible for

HVAC upkeep in accordance with the By-Laws.

Page 2

The lack of insulation, leaky windows, units not energy efficient and the different

ages of the units were a concern to members.

The reason for separating the meters was to help lower the condo fee and allow

members to be responsible for paying only for their own gas usage.

A member indicated the reason she moved to a condominium was due to having

all bills combined and even though everything else has gone up the condo fee

has remained the same for several years.

It was requested by a member for additional meetings on this topic in order

to get more information. All members needing additional information should

contact Leslie Cohen, South Jersey Gas, at 609-204-1029 or the Management


Allen Kressman thanked Leslie Cohen for her time.

• 2015 Budget – The 2015 Budget was made available for review and it was

announced that there would be no increase in the condo fee. A copy can be

obtained at the Management Office.

• 2014 Year-to-Date Budget – the year-to-date budget was reviewed. Allen

Kressman indicated that the Reserve loan had been repaid and that all the bank

accounts were in the best shape in a long time.

• Fitness Center – Allen Kressman thanked Boris Todorov for his vision and

implementation of the new Fitness Center. The Fitness Center is now open and

the cost is $50 per year per member for owners and $150 per year per member

for tenants. Anyone wishing to join should complete the application, sign the

waiver and submit it along with the required payment to the Management Office.

The Fitness Center will add value to the property and be an asset to Waterview.

One member suggested a sign-in sheet for each piece of equipment. Another

member wanted to know how the center would be monitored. Boris explained

that there are 24 hour surveillance cameras which will be monitored closely for

violations. Violators will lose privileges. The member was happy about that.

Page 3

• Accounts Receivables – The President advised the number of members

delinquent has been drastically reduced. The condo is now using a collection

attorney and an attorney on retainer to help reduce legal expenses for


• French Drains – Boris described and showed all present the French drains at

the bottom of downspouts around the property. These drains must be kept clear

for proper drainage. Anyone who has covered these drains must clear them

within the next 30 days.

• Parking Lot Improvements – Lots have been relined and additional parking

spots added including handicap parking. The trash trucks have been instructed

to pick up and empty dumpsters from the street in 2 lots to help preserve the

lots. The Board also advised that a few taxi cabs had been grandfathered in.

However, they were checking with our attorney to be able to do away with all

commercial vehicles.

• New Shed Policy – This policy allows for only one shed and specifies the

requirements for size. This policy can be obtained at the Management Office.

As before all sheds need Board approval prior to obtaining a shed.

• 2014 Holiday Party – There will be a holiday party in the Community Room

on December 20, 2014, for all residents over 18 years of age from 4:30 PM to

10:30 PM. RSVP by December 15, 2014, to George Termini at 609-487-9441 or

Management Office at 609-822-8194.

• Satellite Dish Policy – All satellite dishes must be installed on the roof. There

are only a few that have not been relocated to the roof and the Management

Office is working to have them removed.

• Voting – One member felt the voting method should be changed. Allen

Kressman explained the voting is set by the By-Laws.

Meeting adjourned at 8:20 PM – Boris 1st – Matt 2nd.