Board Meetings 2013

Second Annual Meeting, 28.May.2013
Second Annual Board Meeting
Tuesday, May 28, 2013
Present: Lee Antonelli, Allen Kressman, Maryann Tully, Mary Hoffmann,
Karol Kulakowski, Vicki Rago and Nick DeCarlo, Superintendent.
The second election for the Waterview Condominium Board of Trustees resulted
in the following candidates being elected for the term of June 2013 to June

Sheri D’Ottavio
Mehmet Lengeranli
Thomas Sullivan
Boris Todorov

Congratulations to the new Board members.


Board Meeting 11.June.2013

Board Meeting
Tuesday, June 11, 2013 at 1:30 PM

Present:​Board Members – Lee Antonelli, Sheri D’Ottavio, Karol Kulakowski, Matt(Mehmet) Lengeranli, Tom Sullivan, and Boris Todorov Nick DeCarlo, Superintendent.

Unit Owners – Raymond Antonelli, Angelo Fiorentino and George Termini.

Lee announced that she was resigning. New Board members asked Lee to stay to help with the transition and she agreed for the sake of Waterview Condominium. The effective date will be in 30 days. We wish to thank Lee Antonelli for her 15 years of service. She will surely be missed.

The New Board Members elected the following officers –

​Tom Sullivan – President
​Karol Kulakowski – Vice President
​Sheri D’Ottavio – Secretary
​Boris Todorov – Treasurer

The dates and times for the 2013-2014 Open Board Meeting schedule is –

​July 16, 2013, Tuesday, at 7:00 PM
​November 5, 2013, Tuesday, 7:00 PM
​February 11, 2014, Tuesday, 7:00 PM
​May 13, 2014, Tuesday, 7:00 PM

​All will be in the Community Room

These dates and times will be published in The Press of Atlantic City.

Lee recommended that our new agenda include the revisions of our By-Laws. They have not been updated since 2000 and the New Board Members will be working diligently on this project.

Hours of construction for any unit owner or their construction contractor should be limited to Monday through Saturday 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM. It is believed that this is also a Ventnor ordinance but we will be checking to verify.

The Board is looking into new guidelines for guests at the pool. In addition the Board is looking into changing the hours of the pool.

The Board reviewed the budget. Items to be looked into are insurance, communications, gas, HVAC, employee benefits, payroll, and overtime.

The Board is happy to announce that there is a website for Waterview Condominium Association. The website is This website is very extensive. Owners will be able to access all meeting minutes, announcements, forms, contact the Board or office employees. The website has just been launched and will be expanding as time goes by. Boris was the key factor of this and we thank him for his time and effort into creating this website at no cost to the Association.

The Board would like to “Go Green”. To help save costs of office supplies, man hours, etc., we will be posting all meeting minutes on this website.

We are asking all unit owners to take advantage of the website to view the minutes and keep abreast of all announcements. However, if you would like to continue to receive a hard copy of minutes and announcements, please come to the office and sign a request and we will then continue to deliver a copy to you.

Members of the Board contacted the Ventnor City Police about vandalism and miscellaneous hit-and-run car accidents and it was revealed that there have been more than 12 incidents reported from Waterview Condo residents within the last 4 months.
This issue sparked conversation of a camera system being installed. The Board is looking into this.

The meeting was adjourned 4:30 PM. Matt 1st – Sheri 2nd.

Board Meeting 25.June.2013
Board Meeting Tuesday, June 25, 2013 at 2:30 PM
Present: Board Members – Sheri D’Ottavio, Allen Kressman, Karol Kulakowski, Matt (Mehmet) Lengeranli, Tom Sullivan, and Boris Todorov, Nick DeCarlo, Superintendent and Kathy Kosher, Management Office.
Tom advised that this Board will follow the By-Laws written in the Master Deed. All Board Members were unanimous in agreement with this decision.
Tom thanked Sheri, Matt and Boris for volunteering their time in doing needed repairs at the pool area.
Lee Antonelli has submitted her written letter of resignation as of June 25, 2013. Allen Kressman has been accepted as a replacement Trustee.
There are a number of problems at the pool. Board Members are aware of these problems and are working diligently to resolve all issues. Some of the issues we are addressing include:
 Nick will make sure the Pool Company including their lifeguards is brought up-to-date on all of our Rules and Regulations and making sure they will enforce them.  Waterview employees will be randomly checking the pool to make sure everyone is signing in (including guests), have current ID photo badges and obeying all Rules and Regulations. The Board has given the Waterview employees the right to make sure all of these items are in place and anyone not following procedures can be asked to leave.  The sign-in sheet will include all guests’ names and who brought them in.  There have been a couple of incidents at the pool. The Board is aware of them. The Pool Company has documented these incidents and the Management Office will now also be documenting them in our files. Any incidents that are reported will result in an initial warning letter and any further incidents will result in fines and/or possible suspension of privileges.  Pool Rules will be posted.  The pool hours will be the same for the remainder of the season. We will consider changing times for the next pool season.
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 Due to problems at the pool the amount of guests per unit will be limited to two (2). If you would like to have an additional guest, this guest pass can be purchased at the Management Office for $50.00. In addition, at this time, all pool parties are suspended. The Board Members approved this with a 5 to 1 vote.  The Board Members would like to apologize for the quality of the pool water. The Board is addressing this issue with the Pool Company directly. The Pool Company will be keeping a log, which will be posted, of the testing of water quality. Due to the problems, the Pool Company will be testing more frequently. Nick will be supervising the Pool Company and reporting to the Board on this situation.  Surveillance cameras are now in place in the pool area. Many thanks to Karol, Boris and Nick for volunteering their time in the installation and setup of these cameras.
The Board has requested that Nick get proposals for painting and repairing the mansards. The mansards are in bad shape and must be addressed.
The Board has approved 3 more electrical meter bank replacements. This will be done in the coming months.
Meeting was adjourned. Sheri 1st – Tom 2nd.

Board Meeting of 2.July.2103
Board Meeting
Tuesday, July 2, 2013 at 8:00 PM
Present: Sheri D’Ottavio, Karol Kulakowski, Matt (Mehmet) Lengeranli, Tom
Sullivan, Boris Todorov, and Nick DeCarlo, Superintendent.
Due to the water quality in the pool, we invited Sparkling Pools, our Pool Company that
has serviced our pool for the last couple of years, to attend our meeting to address this
issue. Shaun Carmona and Peter (Pool and Equipment Tech) of Sparkling Pools advised
that after careful inspection, and to keep the pool open, especially during this holiday
weekend, the most cost-effective method was to replace the filter sand and clean the
internal components of the tank filters. It is the opinion of Sparkling Pools that this
should solve the problem without closing the pool. The Board is looking into the
possibility of a credit for the loss of use of the pool during this water quality issue.
We have renegotiated our contract for HVAC which will save us 20% on service calls
and 10% on all other services. The Board has voted to approve and the contract is
being prepared for signatures. The new contract will be in effect until May 1, 2016.
We are still looking into other avenues for saving on our communications costs. The
Board has already eliminated 3 cell phones and has agreed to reimburse Nick for the
use of his personal cell phone for business purposes. This will save us approximately
$1,800 per year. No services will be affected by this change.
We are also looking into how to save on our Trash Contract. We will be addressing this
issue after Labor Day. Any ideas will be welcomed.
There were a lot of ideas regarding landscaping around our Waterview Condo signs at
the corner of Marshall and Dorset and the corner of Marshall and Surrey. This is still an
open issue which will be addressed again in the fall due to the fact that the weather is
not conducive to planting in the hot summer months.
Our attorney is negotiating a settlement for the outstanding balance on one of our units
which has been delinquent for quite some time. We are hoping for a favorable
Meeting adjourned 10:30 PM. Tom 1st
– Sheri 2nd

Board Meeting 16.July.2013

Board Meeting

Tuesday, July 16, 2013 at 7:00 PM

Present: Board Members – Sheri D’Ottavio, Allen Kressman, Karol Kulakowski, Matt

(Mehmet) Lengeranli, and Tom Sullivan, Nick DeCarlo, Superintendent and Kathy

Kosher, Management Office.

Old Business:

• Electrical Meter Banks – Three were completed in 2012. Another 3 were

completed by June 2013. And 3 more have been ordered. As soon as

they are received, installation will begin. Additionally, the Board would

like to complete at least 3 more before the end of the year.

• Summer Rules – The Board felt that the rules in place at the beginning

of the Pool Season needed to be changed because of the problems,

complaints and domestic disturbances that were occurring. People were

complaining the lifeguard was not checking the books to monitor access

to the pool. The Board realizes the lifeguard’s primary responsibility is

watching and insuring the safety of everyone in the Pool. In addition, no

volunteers were present to be pool checkers. Therefore, we reprinted all

residents’ badges. The supplies for this reprinting were already on hand

and did not incur any expenses.

Pool Badges must be presented upon entering the pool area.

All residents including children must have a 2013 Pool Badge with them to obtain access.

• There were additional complaints and comments on the Pool in which the

Board will be addressing with the Pool Company directly, i.e., the lifeguard

swimming with the kids, the lifeguard not knowing the pool rules, and

checking the water quality. Suggestions for the pool were made to have

a Pool Committee, taking the badges when entering the pool area and

asking for volunteers. The Board thought the Pool Committee was a

good idea and asked all interested to sign up with Sheri at the end of the

meeting. Only one volunteer signed up.

• Roofs – there is a problem on a section of Burk Court where water is

standing. The roofer has been called back to correct this problem which

is under warranty.

• Doors – The Board would like to complete the front door project by the

end of this year. The Board members and Nick will be walking the

property to assess all areas for a schedule of work needed and a time

frame to be established (weather permitting). Though this is an important

project, the Board received several complaints about the power washing

of the brick and the Board will be putting this project first and foremost.

• Mansards – We are currently taking bids for this project and reviewing the

budget for funding of this project.

New Business:

• Pool Rules will be addressed again the next time the Board meets.

We are still receiving numerous complaints about the pool. Several

suggestions were made, i.e., an adult swim hour, Pool Committee, taking

badges at arrival to pool area, a pool checker may be needed, etc.

• Cameras have been installed around the pool area. These cameras will

remain operational after the pool season to insure the assets we have

in our gated pool area. The Board hopes to be able to install additional

cameras around the office and shop areas.

• Pool Water Quality – This continues to be an issue and Nick is following

up with the Pool Company for a resolution to this problem.

• HVAC contract has been renegotiated and will save us 20% on service

calls and 10% on all other services.

• The cell phone contract has been discontinued and should result in a

savings of $1800 per year. In addition, the Board is looking into changing

our office phones which would result in a

savings of approximately $2,000 per year.

• Trash Removal – After Labor Day the trash pickup may be reduced to only

twice a week for the off-season. This will help us get closer to a breakeven point with the amount the city reimburses us for trash removal. It

was suggested from residents that we set up a time when bulk trash can

be set out for pick up. Bulk trash is currently picked up on Wednesday

morning. The Board will address this issue at the next meeting. In the

meantime, we are asking residents to not put their bulk trash out until

Tuesday. Another suggestion was to put recycling containers in the Pool

Area. Nick will make this happen. The dumpster on Marshall Avenue

continues to be a problem with Dream Bay using our container. We will

be addressing this at the next Board Meeting. We will also be looking into

filing Theft of Services through Ventnor City Hall. If you see anyone other

than Waterview residents using our trash sites, please take information

(where the person lives, time and date, and photos are helpful) to the

office to file a written complaint.

• Exterminator – We are in the process of getting bids for a new

exterminator. We have had complaints about service and reoccurrence of


• Power Washing – Previously the siding had been power washed only in

problem areas. Since then, it has been brought to our attention that

other areas (brick, sidewalk, steps, inside coves, etc.) need addressing.

The Board will now instruct maintenance to go back to the troubled areas

and continue the Power Washing Project.

• The Board has requested that Nick provide them with a list of 5 top

priorities that need to be addressed for preventative maintenance.

• Air Conditioning Structures – The Board has instructed our HVAC

contractor that when a new AC unit is installed on the roof that a new

structure mount will be implemented. This will prevent AC units from

tipping over, not allowing satellite dishes from being mounted on the

AC platform and preventing roof damage. Examples were shown at the

meeting. Everyone seemed to agree with this.

• Tom thanked Boris, Sheri and Matt for their help in doing opening repairs

to the Pool area.

• Pool Water Quality – The Board met with the Pool Company to address

this issue. The Pool Company recommended replacing the filter sand.

The Board approved this step recommended by the Pool Company in

order to prevent a bigger cost. Hopefully this will take care of the issue.

• Another emergency expense was the underground electric cable from

5812 Burk Avenue to 807 Dudley Court that needed to be replaced. This

was due to age of old cable wires.

• We have recently experienced sewer problems on Marshall Avenue. Nick

explained what is being done.

Questions and Suggestions

Question – Can we implement a procedure for bulk trash where the residents

must come into Office and fill out a form to inform that bulk trash will be put out for

collection? Tom said we would look into this.

Question – Isn’t it required that all units have window coverings (and not sheets)

and don’t they have to be white? Answer – Window coverings must be installed and

maintained by each unit.

Question / Suggestion – Can we do something about the dog droppings? A

resident suggested maybe we could relocate dog bag pick up stations off the street and

place them inside the property. Also, anyone witnessing someone not picking up after

their animal can come to the office and file a complaint.

Question – Is car washing allowed? Answer – No maintenance or washing of any

vehicle is permitted.

At the end of the question period Tom reviewed the budget. A resident asked if

everyone had paid the 2013 assessment. All residents have paid their assessment or

are on a payment plan and their payments are current. There was a question as to

what the amounts of the water bills were under the new metering system. The new

bills have been received for 6 of the 8 meters with the new metering system. The other

2 meters still have not been replaced by the City and we are still only receiving a flat

Tom ended the meeting with an added request for anyone to sign up for the Pool

Committee. Anyone still interested in volunteering can contact the office.

Meeting adjourned 8:36 PM. Tom 1st– Sheri 2 nd

Board Meeting 6.Aug.2013
Board Meeting
Tuesday, August 6, 2013 at 4:30 PM
Present: Board Members – Sheri D’Ottavio, Allen Kressman, Karol Kulakowski, Matt
Lengeranli, Tom Sullivan and Boris Todorov, and Nick DeCarlo, Superintendent.
Old Business:
 Pool –
Representatives of Sparkling Pools, Kim and Peter, met with the Board to discuss
the problems we are still having with water quality and a credit due to the 4 days
of closing. Kim will be getting back to us regarding an increase in the credit and
looking into making sure the water quality stays consistent. The Board is
satisfied with the overall performance of the Lifeguards.
 Pool Bathroom Rehab –
The majority of the Pool Bathrooms rehab project is now complete. H& R
Construction was responsible for the flooring and doors. Nick and Charlie did the
rest of the rehab. The total cost was $8200 which includes a $500 outstanding
invoice. The newly installed Ladies Room door is not completed. The door is
loose to the frame. H&R is unable to make the necessary repair due to some
overwhelming circumstances. Although these circumstances are beyond H&R’s
control, the board instructed Nick to withhold payment and make the necessary
repair. A few minor details remain which will be completed.
 Bulk Trash, Window Coverings and Dog Walking Rules –
These items will be discussed further after Labor Day.
 Contractor Bids –
1. Mansards – We received bids from many contractors. The Board was not
satisfied with the scope of the work which was not the same for each
submission. It was decided that Nick would prepare a scope of work for
this project and contractors would be required to resubmit their bids.
2. Exterminator – We received 3 bids for extermination. Best Eastern is now
our new exterminator. The contract is for one year.
New Business:
 Communications –
The Board has agreed to convert the telephones to Ooma. Boris and Nick will be
installing these items.
 Maintenance –
The door project will begin within the next few weeks. The power washing
project continues. The first set of the three meter banks approved by the Board
will be completed August 7, 2013.
Meeting adjourned 8:30 PM. 1st Tom – 2
nd Sheri.

Board Meeting 10.Sep.2013
Board Meeting
Tuesday, September 10, 2013 at 6:00 PM
Present: Board Members – Sheri D’Ottavio, Allen Kressman, Karol Kulakowski, Matt
Lengeranli, Tom Sullivan and Boris Todorov, and Nick DeCarlo, Superintendent.
Old Business:
 Electrical Meter Banks –
We have completed 8 of the 16 meter banks. The 9th will be completed within
the next few weeks. The remainder of the meter banks will be put out for bid.
 Roofs –
The gooseneck pipes for exhaust and venting on the roofs are in need of repair.
Our maintenance staff will be working on this project.
 Doors –
All present voted and agreed that the remainder of the door repair and painting
project will be done by Personal Touch Painting Company.
 Signs –
Nick and Charlie have been instructed to install the remainder of the signs on the
remaining buildings, parking lot areas and dumpster areas.
 Mansards –
Due to the cost, seasonal conditions, and other projects needing to be done, the
Board decided to postpone this project and plans to revisit this in the spring.
New Business:
 Virtual Voting –
The subject was brought up regarding virtual voting. Due to all the other
business at hand the Board decided to wait and revisit this at a later meeting.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 PM. 1st by Tom and 2nd by Allen.

Board Meeting 9.oct.2013
Board Meeting
Wednesday, October 9, 2013 at 5:00 PM

Present: Board Members – Sheri D’Ottavio, Allen Kressman, Karol Kulakowski, Matt
Lengeranli, Tom Sullivan and Boris Todorov, and Nick DeCarlo, Superintendent.

I. Budget – Preliminary budget reports were provided to all Board Members
present. Tom instructed all members present to review the information
provided and it will be discussed at a later date.
II. Pavement Repairs – We are obtaining bids for repairing the pavement
in different areas around the property.
III. Fence and Shrubs – We are in the process of replacing the chain link
fence in the area across from the office with fencing and/or shrubs.
IV. Landscaper – We have received the renewal from the landscaping
contractor. The Board Members present were given this to review and a
decision will be made at a later date.
V. Trash Removal – The Board Members present have decided to reduce
the trash pickup to 2 times per week. This will result in a savings of
approximately $800 per month. Bulk trash will still be picked up on
Wednesdays only. We would appreciate if all Waterview residents would
refrain from putting out their bulk trash items until Tuesday after 6:00 PM.

The meeting adjourned at 7:30 PM. Tom 1st
and Allen 2nd

Board Meeting 5.nov.2013
Board Meeting
Tuesday, November 5, 2013 at 7:00 PM

Present: Board Members – Allen Kressman, Karol Kulakowski, Matt Lengeranli, Tom
Sullivan and Boris Todorov, and Nick DeCarlo, Superintendent and Kathy Kosher,
Management Office.

Tom opened the meeting and indicated that we would be following the agenda. If
there are questions on a topic of the agenda, they may be presented when that subject
is being discussed. Questions not on the Agenda may be presented at the end of the
Agenda items.


 Mansards – We will be looking into the mansards project again in the Spring of
2014. At the current time, we have received estimates of $55,000 to $90,000.

 Electrical Meter Banks – 10 electrical meter banks still need to be completed. We
are in the process of obtaining bids and it appears it will be approximately
$50,000 to complete the project. We will begin this project again in the Spring.
Maryann Tully stated that this is a very important project and that the meter
banks should be replaced before any problems happen.

 Trash Removal – During the winter months we have reduced the times of the
weekly trash collections to 2 times. This will result in a savings of $800 per
month / $4,800 for the 6 months.

 Power Washing – This is an ongoing project and part of the regular

 General Maintenance – Nick explained the overage in the budget for
Maintenance Common Area. This was due to an electrical line underground
having to be replaced and major sewer problems on Marshall Avenue. Dan
Giordano requested that the Board look into if the electrical lines replaced were
our or the electric company’s responsibility.


 Budget – The 2013 year-to-date was reviewed. Tom advised of the savings that
had been made in Trash Removal as indicated above and also a 5% savings in
landscaping contract with a renewal of our contract for 2014 to 2016. These
savings are in addition to the savings on HVAC and Communications which have
already been implemented. It was announced that the 2014 Budget had been
approved and had no assessment or increase in the condo fees is planned.
 Concrete – Nick announced we had received bids for the concrete work on some
sidewalk squares in various areas and a dumpster pad which need to be
replaced. After reviewing the bids, Ocean Concrete has been selected to
complete this work.
 Landscaping / Snow Removal – Tom noted that as was mentioned in the Budget
discussion that a landscaping contract had been renewed for 2 years. Along with
this the landscaper agreed to hold the price on snow removal. We are asking
that anyone who would like to volunteer for the “Snow Committee” to sign up
with the office. Volunteers would help with snow removal. George Termini, Matt
Lengeranli, Boris Todorov and Karol Kulakowski have volunteered. Any other
members wishing to volunteer may sign up at the office.
 Pool – We had problems with the pool’s water quality this year. We are looking
into ways on how to correct this. One of the ways would include sandblasting
and painting. A 2 year contract was signed in 2012 for the current pool
company. Therefore, we are still under contract for another year. Dan Giordano
suggested we put in a liner. Boris explained he was getting bids for different
ways to correct this problem and that a liner was one of the options. Another
option is spraying fiberglass.


Dan Giordano indicated that we should be doing routine maintenance of the sewer lines
to avoid the expense of hiring outside contractors to clear the lines. Nick advised that
routine maintenance is being done on the lines but that our lines are getting older and
build-up is happening in all the lines. It was also mentioned that we should purchase
the same equipment as the contractor. However, Nick advised that would be cost
Also, Dan Giordano questioned why the roofer had to fix the downspout and why our
maintenance staff didn’t handle that. Nick responded that the roofer is responsible for
any type of metal work on the property.

Mary Donato requested that Waterview Condo distribute procedures to be followed in
case of evacuation. She requested them last year but to date has had no response.
Nick said he would check into this and see what can be done. (After the meeting Nick
obtained the website for this information. Anyone interested should go to You may want to print out the “Preparation List” and keep it

Al Bigler advised that there is a continuing problem with children playing ball in the
courtyard behind his unit. He was advised that some of the children that could be
identified were given verbal and written warnings. We will now start to fine these units.

Edie Agunzo said there has been continuing problems with dogs off the leash and
owners not picking up after their dogs. Nick advised he had spoken with the owner but
the owner denied the charges. Therefore, Nick advised to go forward we would need
to set up a time for both owners to state their cases under the arbitration process. Edie
was advised if she wished to do this she should come to the office and fill out the
necessary paperwork. Nick also advised the more people that come forward and file
complaints against this person the more evidence there would be in arbitration.

Gina Benvenuto advised she had 2 items. One she felt the prior Board Minutes were
not complete. She felt an item she brought up at the prior meeting regarding her steps
had not been included in the minutes. She advised her steps had been repaired as
requested. The other item was that a lot of units are not keeping up with the
appearance on the areas around their units. Some units had let gardens go to weeds
and a lot of items were just being left around.

Several of the other Association Members agreed with her and that there were a lot of
items that needed to be addressed. Tom asked for suggestions. Gina suggested a
“Beautification Committee”. This committee would get together and patrol the property
for items that should be looked into. They would compile a list and bring it to the
office. Linda Termini, George Termini, Edie Agunzo, Steve Chase and Gina Benvenuto
have volunteered. If you would be interested in volunteering, please contact the office.
Dan Giordano asked why the fence was removed and bushes planted where the fence
was located in front of the office. Tom responded that a child was pinned under the
fence and the bushes were planted to replace the boundary of the fence to deter foot
traffic on the lawns.

Maryann Tully wanted to add that Charlie DiSanti of our maintenance staff should be
commended for his hard work. Others agreed with this.

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 8:30. 1st
Maryann Tully, 2nd

Board Meeting 12.nov.2013

Tuesday, November 12, 2013 at 6:00 PM

Board Meeting

Present: Board Members – Tom Sullivan, Karol Kulakowski, Boris Todorov, Sheri

D’Ottavio, Allen Kressman, Matt Lengeranli, and Irv Yeagle, and Nick DeCarlo,


Tom opened the meeting at 6:00 PM.

• Homeowners’ Beautification Committee – Duties and responsibilities of this

committee were discussed. Boris has been designated as the representative

between the committee and the Board and to direct the committee with Board

approved protocol.

• Electrical Meter Banks – A discussion followed with concerns of whether or

not to proceed during the winter months or hold until Spring. The Board would

really like to continue this project even during the Winter. Therefore, we are

requesting bids where the work can be done without the electricity off all day.

• Maintenance Report – Nick reported on the work that has been done on

the goosenecks, power washing, painting of the pool doors, tree pruning,

and the gator. Nick advised the bed liner of the gator is in need of repair or


• Snow Removal – A suggestion was made that snow removal should begin

sooner than waiting until the end of the storm so that residents could have an

easier ability to enter or exit the complex. Nick advised the snow blowers were

ready to go, the plow on the gator still needs attention and the front decks are

questionable on whether or not we are responsible for the snow removal of the

front decks.

• Pool – A proposal from Sparkling Pools was discussed for basic resurfacing and

for premium resurfacing. This is needed to address the water quality of the pool

and to prevent problems like we had this past season. The Board requested Nick

to look into other bids for this scope of work.